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We organize 7-10 day horse camps for people older than 12 years old during the summer.

During the camp the participants will have the opportunity to learn not only the basics of horse riding, but they can try the coach-driving and can receive a “driving license” in donkey driving. We organize night tours, quizes and many other things. When we are not with the horses, we can play billiards or badminton, we can have a sauna or a bike-ride, and the pool is not far either. In the city of Cegléd the water shoots of the water park mean exciting relaxation on the hot summer days.

We are looking for organisers for the horse camps.

In case of 12 participants, the accommodation and catering of the organiser (13th person) is covered by the "Akác-tanya"


We reserve the right to change the programs.


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