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For everyone who likes it and who wants to try it!



We are waiting for the guests with a wooden-heated Finnish sauna and a real speciality: with an original Finnish smoky sauna and yurta where we used to barbecue in the sauna evenings.

The smoky sauna is maybe one of the most ancient Finnish sauna types; the wooden cottage does not even have a chimney, the smoke goes off via smaller smoke holes, after it penetrates the building. Due to this phenomenon, the inside air is full with a very sweet smoke aroma. (Of course entrance is only permitted when only the aroma is inside and the smoke has gone!) But while the smoky sauna gets warm (this takes nearly 12 hours of continuous firing), the dinner gets roasted and smoked as well in the sauna. We eat the dinner afterwards in the yurta by hand next to the campfire.

Since the heating of the smoky sauna takes a long time, we do it only for groups, for an agreed period.

The smoky sauna and the yurta can be rented separately for events with 15-20 persons, with accommodation or without it.




We reserve the right to change the programs.


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