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Our visitors can choose from several accommodation types.

In the main building of the inn are 6 comfortable and sunny rooms waiting for our guests with splendid recreation room, billiard-table and opportunities for watching films or listening to music. Upstairs there are 2 bathrooms, on the ground floor there is a separate toilet. We recommend primarily for those guests who think good company or the bustle to be more important than their own toilet.



In our new wood-house we have 7 rooms and homelike common rooms on two levels. The lower and the upper levels both have big terraces. On the lower level there is a living-room which is built together with a small kitchen. This living-room is perfect for smaller company events, education or other meetings.

Upstairs there are three bigger rooms (for 2 or 3 persons), two shower-baths and two separate toilets.

Downstairs, out of the four smaller rooms (for 1-2 persons), three open from the living-room and one has a separate entrance. There are two bathrooms where showers and toilets wait for the guests. In addition to that, one separate toilet is available.

The whole house can be rented for events and trainings even without accommodation.


In our four smaller wooden houses, there are seven, two-storied (2-5 person) apartments wait for everyone who wants to relax.

Each apartment has its own, small-sized bathroom.

We reserve the right to change the programs.


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