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Horse riding

The Hungarian steppe’s sand ensures excellent possibilities for horse riding. During the horse riding trips the fascination of the steppe manifests, it’s worth trying to sprint on the spacious yields or on the endless roads of the acacia and oak forests.

 Professionals, with Finnish/Hungarian mother tongues, help to get acquainted with the horses and the field.


We make every effort to find the suitable horse for everybody though this might take the whole week to source, but of course everybody can ride other horses throughout. (If the horse’s condition or other circumstances necessitate, the tour leader can change the chosen horse during the week, too.)

To keep up the good atmosphere and right sizes of groups we can only accept the maximum of 21 field riders per week.


Advance program (of course this can change according to the weather and guest’s needs):

1. arrival, verbal knowledge test, dinner, other important information

2. breakfast, knowledge test in practice (on the race-track), maybe a short field tour, lunch on the farm, short resting, field tour, dinner

3. breakfast, on the first and second Sunday of the month: animal fair (facultative, lasts a half day) /field tour, lunch on the farm, short resting, field tour, dinner

4. breakfast, field tour, lunch on the farm, short resting, field tour, dinner

5. the horse’s rest day, after breakfast a whole day “Budapest” excursion (visit one of the country’s biggest horse department stores, sightseeing lasts for about 3 hours, facultative, free time, meeting at 6p.m. in the car park of the “Nagyvásárcsarnok”), dinner on the "Akác-tanya". Everybody organizes lunch for themselves in Budapest.

6. breakfast, field tour, lunch on the farm, short resting, dinner, in the summer after breakfast the morning is a free program, after lunch a long field tour to Mikebuda, camping in the garden of the hunter’s house and dinner.

7. after breakfast, tents are brought down, horse riding to the farm, then departure to Lajosmizse by the horse show (facultative), lunch on the farm, then field tour, dinner

8. breakfast, field tour to the Akác-tanya, late lunch, departure to the airport


Every day, except the days of the arrival and the excursions, it is possible to do other programs, also; additionally, see the offered program list!

We reserve the right to change the programs.


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